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Vacforms, Vacs, vacuum-forms, thermoforms... we make them

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Thermoformed DISPLAYS 

The uses for a display are endless and invaluable. Displaingy your product, for what ever the purpose, is always important, if not most important! Displays can be used a multitude of ways.

  • Counter Top and near register Point of Purchase (POP) Displays, and sometimes referred to as Point of Sale (POS) Displays
  • Display on store shelving
  • Holding product in a shipper and then used on a shelf to display
  • Displays can have areas for graphics large and small
  • There are millions of possible shapes a display can be
  • Can be used within other types of displays such as corregated , wire or injection molded displays

Vacuumed formed displays can be designed to hold many types of products. Whether the product is un-packaged, cello-wrapped, in a folded carton, in a blister pack or what ever your choice of packaging is, there is a way to accomplish what you want and need.

You have found your source for vacuum formed patterns and samples