Who should buy from us?

  • Our unique simplicity makes it very easy for any one to buy from us
  • Anyone who needs a thermoformed design, rendering, pattern or samples.
  • Custom Thermoformers: whether you make your own tooling in house, or have it made for you, we are a low cost, and quick turn around source that can always be a back up vendor when needed.
  • Pattern and mold shops; We can make patterns for you when you are just simply too busy to make it yourself. Our low cost ensures there is still profit for you in each pattern we make.
  • Art departments, packaging designers, product development, trade shows, catalogs,  product literature, purchasing, overseas sourcing... What ever your position is in your company, if you need a thermoformed sample, we make it extremely easy and very cost effective, to get it accomplished.

What can we do for you?

  • We will design your thermoformed  (pressure formed or vacuum formed) parts and make samples of that design.
  • We will make you detailed drawings with dimension to scale of what parts will be
  • We will make photo-realistic renderings of the parts before additional investment is made into the sampling process
  • We will advise you  on how your parts should function based on decades of experience in the Thermoforming  and packaging industry
  • Design and devolop your packaging here. Then send CAD files and samples overseas to make exactly what you want made.
  • Sometimes you only need samples without production. Let us make them for you.
  • If you have your own thermoforming equipment, let us make the patterns for you. We use both Brown and Red pattern boards. We can then send patterns and CAD files to your mold maker.
  • We will help you place your parts with a reputable Thermoformer when the time comes for production quantity parts.

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Vacforms, Vacs, vacuum-forms, thermoforms... we make them

You have found your source for vacuum formed patterns and samples

Thermoformed Samples and Patterns in New York

Let us design and produce your thermoformed samples into the beautiful and functional parts that you need them to be.  Or you can give us your own design and we will work to make your designs a reality. The options in design, shape and function are endless. Thermoforms can be used almost anywhere within the scope of the packaging world, and often outside of packaging as well. Often Thermoformed parts can be a less expensive alternative to injection molded parts. Call us today at 914-384-7801, and let's get started. It's easy.

thermoforms vacforms vacuum formed packaging in New York

EZfab, Inc. thermoforms vacforms vacuum formed packaging

Thermoformed samples and patterns in New York